Falling on my head like a memory

There is a drought here in Atlanta. Creative Loafing’s “Best of Atlanta” section gave the best reason for Atlanta to not succeed from Georgia as needing more water. Piedmont Park is a bit brown and there are some dusty patches around construction sites.

So at 5 this morning I woke to some dripping sound. It was fairly consistent and finally it brought me into a dark grey consciousness that led me to the realization it was raining. I associate Atlanta with rain. It used to have one of the highest rainfall averages in America. Spring showers, Summer storms, Fall mornings — the driest time of the year is always Winter. But apparently that has all changed over the past few years. That and the unlikely help from small Lake Lanier. Let’s face it, 4 million need a bigger source.

The dripping sounds became drops and then splashes under morning traffic. It’s a special magic to me. All the restless water with no where to go. No one will leave it alone to puddle too long. The tires must move it around, or it moves them around. Invariably the sirens began calling. Letting me know I’m back and, at least for a day, so is the rain.

One response to “Falling on my head like a memory

  1. Maybe you will bring showers and rainfall to Atlanta and end their drought. My favorite Atlanta rain scene is springtime looking north(or is it east) on Peachtree from the corner near the Fox theater in the morning. Winter rain at dusk from that corner is also beautiful. Especially if the twinkly white lights are on the trees.

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