At home, at last

Yes, note the last name change for some time to come.

Last night Lori and I hauled the bags in to my new home. New — well, only new to that unit. It’s funny to think I first moved into those apartments in 1992 (or was it ’91?). They’re different from the first time. More security, new paint, a lovely courtyard. Every window was lit up. Red rooms, pale green rooms, a dark blue wall here and there. It is an odd experience being a stranger from the past. The place and I both have much to learn about each other all over again.

For now, I’m a stranger with a bed, a couch and that’s it. Friday all of that should change and I get to reunite with some old furniture. Friends and family converging to help. I’m overwhelmed. But most of all, I’m content that for a first time in a long time someone said to me “welcome home” and it seemed a more lasting truth.

Pictures after the furniture comes.

3 responses to “At home, at last

  1. Congratulations on a new place. I actually spent a fair amount of time on Ponce last weekend, visiting family. I need to get your phone number the next time I’m up there!

  2. Hopefully I will join you on Ponce tomorrow. I was remembering the first time I saw that building and tried to talk you out of moving there. Thankfully you overcame my objections, because our ownership of the building would have never happened if you hadn’t befriended the owners and been a perfect tenant. I will miss the homeless, seedy surroundings, etc. Ponce is now very toney and uptown with the bistros, new condos, and coffee shops. Seventeen years latter you are home again, for that I am joyful!

  3. Welcome Home!

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