worse than the worst

I should just start an “Sarah Palin is evil” blog. Or maybe “Liar, liar, Sarah’s pants are on fire.”

Forget the fact that they will not let her campaign by herself and have her in a Cheney-like bubble from the media. I get it, they can’t trust her alone yet. That and McCain has no charisma on his own. No, I’m more concerned with her ideas and political stances. So expect a few articles like this every time I get a chance to appear on my blog.

$400,000 were used to educate the public about the benefits of aerial hunting. And yes, she tried to allow for wolf bounty hunters to get compensated (especially when they shoot from planes). I really love the fact that she justifies $150 a sawed off paw by claiming it is for the Native Americans that live in Alaska. You know, so they won’t have to compete for moose. Right. I think the Native Americans that are still actively living a life off of the land, can handle themselves in nature. What they may not be able to handle is the total dissimation of their environment by oil companies, fisheries and the mining industry. And I also suspect they may be a bit miffed by the Palin-esque hunters that just shoot moose for pleasure rather than need.

Unfortunately Alaska does face serious problems. Alaska suffers from one of the highest rates of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) in the country. I guess she is more inclined to put beliefs before country. Why spend tax-payers money to propagate your own personal belief system when there is so much that needs to be done? And not just her belief about killing bears and wolves from planes, she also advocates teaching creationism in school.

And if you really want to have some fun, check out and see how often Sarah Palin and Ted Stevens have been co-speakers at events. Yes, she likes to claim to be a big reformer, but she is just as much  as a party player than anyone else. Oh  GW Junior Junior, you should at least try a little harder to not be so much of the same.

One response to “worse than the worst

  1. Yikes! People where I live like her because they think she’s like them, although I doubt anyone in the desert has shot a moose lately. Maybe she has better aim than Cheney.

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