George Bush Jr. Jr.

Well, some of the dust has settled after the McCain VP pick and I have to now add to my belief that McCain is pandering in the worst possible way. Not only is he pandering, he is doing it from a clearly senile stance. He went out and picked a vagina, but not just a vagina, but a George Bush Jr. Jr vagina. Yes, that’s right, after McCain spent the past few months claiming to be away from W, he apparently didn’t realize how deep his unspoken love of the worst president in out nations history (thus far) ran. When you put a skirt and quirk on W, I guess an old man such as McCain is fooled.

Yes, Sarah is W in a skirt. It may be hard to realize at first, what with the updo and the lipstick, but clearly no 2 people could be more similar without being the same person. Redneck (check), Short stint as border state governor (check), proud of being DC outsider (check), when cut bleeds oil (check), believes rape and incest victims do not have the right to reclaim their body (check), gun toting (check), weak on economy and education (check), lies for a laugh and a chuckle (check), fascist-like tendencies in their limited governing record (check), blatant misuse of language and facts (check), total disregard of the environmental problems that face the world (check). You know I could go on, but the truth is that I have limited internet access and little time.

And for any one whining that she is the VP pick and not the prez pick, let’s remember that the average life expectancy for men is 73.6 years of age. Mac Bush is pushing it.

But one last thing, please stop comparing her to Teddy Roosevelt. TR was for a national health insurance, he promoted the conservation movement. The fact Jr. Jr. wants to open up ANWR to drilling and opposes any health care reform makes me feel like TR would probably take her out on a Cheney style hunt. Of course, maybe not since she’s a woman and back in the day, TR would have not seen her as an equal. Actually, I don’t see her as an equal to him either.

3 responses to “George Bush Jr. Jr.

  1. I don’t see her as MY equal, much less Teddy’s.

  2. She told Alaska that God wants the natural gas pipeline to be built in Alaska. If God is talking to you, stay out of my government.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better Julia!

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