As the stomach turns

I had to watch the train wreck on TV this morning. McCain’s pick of Gov. Palin as his running mate is indeed historic. Unfortunately, it is mainly historic in its level of opportunism. Don’t get me wrong, it is exciting that a woman is on the ticket. But why this woman? She’s surely nice and sweet and probably makes great blueberry muffins, but really— when the old flint crumbles, is she going to be president?

So much of this makes me sick. McCain thinks that Hillary supporters really liked her solely because she is a woman? Hillery is a political force. She is smart, savvy, and worth about 10 McCains when it comes to understanding the way things work and how to fix them. But yet McCain gauged Obama’s brilliant speech, he looked at the decision to bring on Biden and he stuck a fungus ridden toe in the waters and thought “I need a vagina.” As a woman, this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve witnessed. Shame on you McCain. Shame on you for thinking we are that dumb. (Of course, you have opposed equal pay, so you must think we are that dumb.) We need more than a woman, we need a team. It’s still going to take a brain and a beating heart and experience and guts and teamwork and compassion to fix the nightmare your party has left the world in. So please Godzilla, could you return the brunette Barbie to her PTA board and go stomp off into the distance? Could you please stop insulting my gender with your Rovian tactics of distraction? Shame on you. This is a slap in the face that should be beneath you.

7 responses to “As the stomach turns

  1. AMEN!!! Hopefully, this will be the fatal mistake that undecided voters need to demonstrate that McCain has neither the wisdom nor the judgement to lead America.

  2. ahhhh. julia, but when did they ever agree to play fair? They are in it to win it, and I think we can learn one thing from the past. They will do whatever it takes to get their man and now getting their man elected means having a hott, beautiful women (she’s pretty and appealing) by McCain’s side…god, I hope I am wrong, but it makes for an interesting couple of months for sure.

    But the really persuasive element in this for me is this. Regardless, we have a historic election with a historic outcome. We can debate the finer points, but the fact (and I don’t even believe in facts) is that the first woman vp or the first aa man is going to be elected. Either way, it’s historic. And I have so much more to say about this…

  3. Me too….but it is to much to type out. It’s nights like this that I wish you and Shelby were here and we could all eat, drink and debate.

  4. Thanks Shane! I’d love big glass of wine and a big conversation with my favorite people.

    Yes Michelle, she is pretty. Pretty as a beauty queen. But she looks like she could be his granddaughter, underscoring his corpse-like mug and her youth and INEXPERIENCE.

    Julia, shame on McCain’t for sure.

  5. Among the independents and undecided, and if the youth vote turns out in force, perhaps McCain’s decision will keep us from a third Bush term. My first thought was along with Julia’s. Of course, he wants a younger woman, pretty at that, who doesn’t even know (that’s what she said) what a vice president does. Any woman will do as long as she’ll look good for the camera.

  6. A heartbeat away from the President! She began her resume speech with “involved in the PTA” (aren’t all parents); “married her high school sweetheart” (how sweet). {and boring} Tip to journalist (check out hubby); Ex beauty queen! sound familiar (at least he didn’t choose a blond this time); McCain just proved he doesn’t respect women if he thinks we are this dumb. She is another oil loving, opportunistic, mean-spirited, selfish person to sit in the VP chair. But what scares me the most is she doesn’t feel polar bears have worth.

  7. My friends in Alaska say she is tough-she took office and spent the first year kicking ass and taking names of corrupt legislators, many of whom are now in jail. Regardless, in Washington things will be different. Her primary role will be arm decoration for McCain.

    The whole thing cracks me up: Gun-loving, moose-hunting, yuppie, ex-beauty queen, one-time mayor of redneck Wasilla, AK, mother of five (!)…if that ain’t a Republican’s dream!

    I think ultimately she will hurt his chances because in selecting her, he destroyed his own argument about Obama’s inexperience.

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