(my) times they are a changin’

I got ambushed today. Willingly so, but ambushed regardless. My father asked me to drop by while he was having a meeting and then introduced me to the Obama coordinator for the region and then I realized they elected me to  . . . well to handle the efforts. Let’s hope it isn’t that extreme. But I’m happy to be involved and help in any way I can.

Then I got home and had a call from one of the schools that I applied for a librarian position. Somehow I need to start considering the possibility of working in Atlanta and politicking in the panhandle. Fun and busy. I do love chaos.

And now I’m on Twitter? How can I link that to my blog.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress. Register to vote before October 6th if you aren’t already!

2 responses to “(my) times they are a changin’

  1. So what was Papa Ray sayin’ about you not getting up until 11am?

  2. Hey==are you bringing any Obama goodies?

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