Some articles for your pleasure.

Love these articles: Is an article by Cenk Uygur about the John McCain affair and why no one talks about it. Well said and check out the links he includes. Lexie sent it to me, and I’m just now getting around to reading it.

And this one is one of Garrison Keillor’s articles about the current campaign to target Senator Obama as an elitist in spite of their backgrounds. Lori sent it to me and it’s very well-said.

Really makes you think about perception. Why do we form these views? Is it because Obama is intelligent that he can be painted as an elitist? And is it easier to think badly about Edwards because he is young and attractive and McCain looks like the grandfather of a toad? Is it easier to forgive a money hungry old man?

I don’t know. But read the articles when you can and let me know.

3 responses to “Some articles for your pleasure.

  1. Hmmm . . . having a good day, Jules?

  2. We all have opinions. I wish I could express mine half as well as Garrison Keillor. And is anyone surprised I might have a bit of Genghis Khan in me?

  3. I think the flap over Edward’s affair is only the result of the right-wing-controlled media spin. “John Edwards’ political career is over because WE say it is.” The media is part of the plutocracy that now controls the government.

    I love the ‘elitist’ charge coming from these politicians and infotainment “journalists” who are all millionaires, and many of whom went to Harvard, Yale, etc. As if John McCain is just a down-home old boy. It was really funny watching Hillary try to pretend to be working class, downing shots in a dive bar in PA.

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