Big Blue Bash

So much more fun than I thought. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures of the farm during the concert, but I have the before and next day (and a few in between). We had surprisingly great weather with a breeze and lots of people, young and old, that are excited about the Democratic candidate and ready for some change. Honestly though, most people were talking about how great the place looked. And it did. Dad puts anyone to shame in the effort category.

Two bands played on the deck and chased the cows down pasture. Burning Paradise was very heavy metal and Sky Tells All jumped all over the place and took their shirts off. All in all, surprisingly good — just not sure what my grandmother would say about it all. But then again, grandpa would have loved the people being here. Mom and I celebrated the later spirit and hung out with the boys til 2 a.m. (The boys being the Chair of the Walton County Dems and a former student of mine). Of course, before the last band left, one of them called me ma’am. Horrifying.

Check out the pictures (especially my adorable mother). Tomorrow I head to Atlanta and then on to Raleigh and then  . . . Wilco and pedicures and friendtime!!! Very excited.

Big Blue Bash

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