Location, location, location

My mother is a realtor so maybe that is why the mantra rings so true to me. After arriving back in the States this week, I’ve tried to think of the new name for the blog and have resorted to this one for now. Like me, it isn’t specific and rests on fluctuation. When I decide or am led to where I’ll be, perhaps it will change. (On Ponce sounds nice, no?) Or maybe I’ll keep it; after all, sometimes ambiguity feels like my one constant.

So, change your link titles, etc. Or keep them as Along the Arno until I’m really fixed somewhere else. Now, I’ll just be in between.

And soon you’ll have news of the Big Blue Bash. Oh, yes, my homecoming has coincided with some Walton County Florida Democrats merriment. Must dig the camera out of the luggage. Certo.

5 responses to “Location, location, location

  1. There are Democrats in Floirida? :~) The same is said about Idaho. Glad you’re back to put your energy into this pivitol election.

  2. I vote for On Ponce! (Or, Watching the sun rise over Krispy Kreme.)

  3. What about listening to the clickity clack of hooker heels? Oh yeah, no more hookers. 😦

  4. There are no more hookers in heals on Ponce! Just expensive loafers, Birkenstoks, and ladies career pumps. Our old Midtown is very toney now.I am not sure I would fit in there at this time in my life with my “old lady shoes’ and Hush Puppies in the winter.

  5. Sandra you fit in just fine where ever you go!

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