*cricket sound*

This may be a very quiet post. At least it should be a quiet post.

I have 4 more days here. I’ve been packing and assessing and enjoying.

Made my farewells to my students and employers.

Trying to plan what to do with these last hours besides cleaning, staring at suitcases and thinking. Thinking is tiresome.

But most of my last moments are of me walking around the house, the neighborhood, the everyday. On the 17 bus, on the bike. Under the sun. It’s heartbreaking enough. It’s beautiful enough. Nothing will change here. I’ll just be absent. And that’s ok. That’s normal. That’s life.

And I’ll be present somewhere else. I hope it’s ok, hope it’s normal, and it’s life.

6 responses to “*cricket sound*

  1. and the sound of crickets and frogs and cicadas will soon fill your ears.

  2. last night the frogs were practicing for the “welcome home Julia concert” they have planned. the pond chorus has a few new voices, it sounds as if there is more bass and less tremble. I guess some of the bullfrogs have reached maturity. in the afternoon the quails are constantly saying “bob white” again. the sound I am looking forward to is your voice on the screened porch.

  3. thinking of you…

  4. Everything changes all the time. When you return, it will be different because you will be. Wishing you joy in this next chapter of friends and family and the wild places.

  5. Home is whereever you keep most of your underwear.

    Where are your panties?

    PS: Crickets make good fish food

  6. My undies are on my bum and in my suitcase. I love the stipulation of “most” of your underwear. I suspect you keep most of your in a travel bag.

    And fish also love green things. Beware.

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