that old thing

Packing so far has resulted in two huge blue IKEA bags full of clothes to donate. Seems simple. I’m the girl that complains about the amount of “stuff” we have, I like to cling to the idea that minimal is better (except for in the case of books, really, that’s still tough for me). And most of you that know me are laughing, right? I mean, I also love little treasures, small tokens of friendship, endearing triggers that help me remember.

Yet, in spite of my hypocrisy (or dichotomy or whatever, split personality) usually when it comes to clothes I am all about donating. And I’m doing it now. With startling results. I mean, come Fall you may find a large chunk of Florentines dressing like middle-aged librarians (probably not though). And yet . . . yeah, I’d forgotten a few snags in my desire for an almost clothes-less state. I am a sentimental creature.

There are 2 items of note that have made it to the “maybe” stack. One is a gray long sleeve t-shirt from the Gap that I bought around 1994. OK. I know. I mean, it is 14 years old now and well past it’s prime. But still, it saw Jane’s Addiction play. I remember the night I wore it to one of Shelle and Patrick’s Halloween parties (because I was lazy and dressed as a movie goer). I also remember Shelby saying that year (1998 I think) “Julia, shouldn’t you retire that?” That gray shirt also went to Ireland with me and my old boyfriend Keith. I’m sure it went to Washington and Oregon with Mark and I. I used to wear flannel shirts over it in the late Fall. The shirt has history, it has been a constant during my adult years.

And then there is the tree outfit. Well, the outfit is down to the blazer part. Called the tree outfit because it is made from tencel. It was the first big thing Mark ever bought me and a gift on my 28th birthday. I know it cost him a lot of money because he bought it at one of those little boutiques in Virginia Highlands. It came in a brown sack with green ink. So earth friendly. He bought a dark brown neck scarf to match it. And I really was touched by the consideration and thrilled by it and wore it to work and well, you know, that is memorable. The first gift by your first love.

So these two things sit waiting judgement. I think I’ll give them away. Having written down the memories here helps (sorry to bore you all). And there are all of these other memories now, all of the things I can’t leave behind. Zoe art. Lori and Shelby letters. My writing angel. Books from Luigi. The list goes on, but you get the idea: stuff.

5 responses to “that old thing

  1. Made me cry too! Made me remember Mark and how much we loved him. He was like family. Made me know how much we now love Luigi and realize that soon there will be an ocean between our family and him. Your memories would make a wonderful book. Then you can cross the ocean more often. I remember that brown bag w/ green ribbon. (How odd). Keep the gray shirt and the letters and books. You certainly had great boyfriends with good taste. But I will take you on a great shopping spree, and not suggest one thing. Promise!

  2. I would keep the gray shirt too. I remember it fondly!

  3. Keep the tree jacket too, I remember it’s giver fondly. Melissa, Anna, Kristen, Brandon and Mitchell say “Hi” We wish you were here!

  4. I have a lot of clothes and other things that I always intend to get rid of. Some of them I don’t simply because they were a gift to me. I have a hard time getting rid of gifts. I really would like to de-clutter though. I feel like I have more stuff than I know what to do with and it can get a little suffocating at times.

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