the day after

No fireworks for me yesterday, but I did spend it with good friends. I keep wanting to write about my last month here. Sort of a top 25 things I’ll miss, or just inundate you with pictures and description; but the truth is I’m void of the energy or the will. Instead, I will pick this post to talk about the things I’m looking forward to coming back to or discovering. (friends, family and cats don’t count because that is obvious)

In no particular order:

  • Sending text messages to my American and Italian friends. I’m getting a tri band phone so I can communicate with everyone.
  • driving down the road and understanding everything on the radio
  • air conditioning
  • multi-plex theaters
  • wide range and variety of restaurants
  • public library
  • campaigning for Obama
  • Publix sub
  • Sweetwater Blue beer
  • having deep conversations with random people about the state of the world and not worrying about conjugating verbs correctly or being able to argue and complain effectively
  • clothes that fit
  • shoes that fit
  • (keeping my fingers crossed on this one) a job with benefits in a field I’ve actually studied
  • going to a Braves game

To some, this may seem like a trite list. It’s not got the depth and desire someone else could come up with. I mean, I could have put hearing Southern accents, and sweet iced tea, and feeling like I was in my element. Maybe I could even share the recent conversations with ex-pat friends about how difficult it is to be here, the futility, the invisibility, the hostility, etc. But really, that is only a part of the picture. And for me to put on the list, say, feeling embraced by my surroundings would make it seem like I’m not appreciated here (and I am). It’s just different. So, my list is only of the things I really can’t have here. Yes, they are superficial things. Then again, you don’t know how deep my love for the Publix sub runs.

Hope everyone celebrated Independence in some form yesterday.

5 responses to “the day after

  1. I miss Publix subs too, but we have a Jimmy Johns. How about some fantastic NC bbq? And not having to worry about the time difference when you want to call your best friends? For me I am most excited that we can watch the same tv show at the same time and call during the commercials! I so miss that with you!

  2. the tri-band phone turns me on.

  3. Of course, I have yet to see a phone or new electronic device that doesn’t turn Michelle on…:)…..but hey whatever makes her happy…..

    Can’t wait for you to return….we can text each other about how to defeat McCain and elect Obama.

  4. Bravo Shane! Let’s do it.
    As for Miche’s love for technology, that may be out of our grasp. But I will say, I can’t wait to text with everyone.

  5. What is a tri band? Shane I agree on the Obama effort. Can I use your address in NC so my vote will count. It hasn’t since 2000.

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