unemployment: day #1

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic considering that I still teach 4 classes. Yet, the fact is I have been working 6 day weeks for so long that this free time is a bit much. Normally, my Thursdays would find me at the bookstore until 1, grab a bite to eat on the way to the train station, teach, then off to the London School for my individual classes in the evening. It had gotten to the point where around Tuesday I was already dreading Thursday.

But not today. My bookstore job ended a week earlier! They expected me to be upset, but at what? Time, luxury, sleep, eating healthy food? No, not me. Money is not important at this point in my stay here. (Well, sure the $203 would have helped.) But time and pleasure rule my day. So today, on this hot hot hot Thursday, I was on the back of an electric scooter on my way to the post office in order to prepare the first box of shipping stuff home. Wind up my skirt and bare legged to the world. Much better than work. Work is sooo last Thursday. Today I can cook, do laundry, clean house, ramble through memorabilia, you know — the good work. 

But for the rest of you: buon lavoro!

PS Not sure if it will open in the states, but if you get a chance, go see Gomorrah. It’s based on Roberto Saviano’s book detailing the Napoleon mob. Disturbing, yes. But depicts a picture of modern day Italy I think everyone should at least be aware of (the evils of the fashion industry, illegal dumping, drugs, etc). And it really does stand as a microcosm for all the corrupt political and social structures world wide. A stellar film. (and the author plays a character in it.)

—Unfortunately (or fortunately) living without a television has me sensitized to violence and the sound of gunfire is foreign to me now. So a good bit of the movie I was a bit jumpy and would occasionally close my eyes.

One response to “unemployment: day #1

  1. Wait–were you driving the scooter by yourself??? We need pics!

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