Venice pictures

Yes, Mendy and I had a fantastic time in Venice. It was her first time and will be my last time for a bit. As usual, Mendy brought the sun. It was expected to rain the entire time and instead we had blue skies up until the last 2 hours there.

You can see from the pics that I continue to have a love affair with the guggenheim collection and space. I spent a long time there trying to figure out a way to bind myself to that place. Of course, upon leaving I saw a quote that made me realize perhaps binding is not the strategy. I took a picture of it, so watch for it.

I organized this album in a strange way, so things I viewed as “reflection” “texture” or “color” are lumped together and anachronistic to our journey. Also, Mendy pics and Julia pics are in batches. Sorry for the washed out quality — we must work with what we have and between my bad camera and the little time I have to correct pics, well, you can see the result.

I’ll post the ones from San Michele (the cemetery) separate. (And later.) Look for Mendy’s pics on her blog this weekend.

I hate wordpress. Just click on this URL to see the album. I don’t have time for delicacy and design.



One response to “Venice pictures

  1. When your Dad and I visited Venice in the early nineties we stayed at Hotel Bonvecchiati. It had a wonderful elevated side garden/ restaurant and was a coral pink brick four story near the main plaza. I saw a corner of it in one of your pictures. We will all return there one day! But first Alaska!

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