The island of the dead

Cemetery scenes are an important part of my story. My mother would take us on picnics to Oakland and since then, they have always been one of my favorite places of resting and thinking. San Michele did not disappoint. We arrived there an hour before a light rain and spent our time searching for Ezra Pound and Stravinsky’s grave sights. The failure to find them didn’t really matter in the end because we discovered so many other sights along the way. One scene was in the lush corner where Pound supposedly rests, a mother sea gull was watching over the two fledglings who were trying clumsily to earn their right to fly. I kept my distance (but am fairly certain that is where Pound was hiding). 

Anyway, again, due to time and brain strain, just click on the URL below to see the pictures. The first few pictures are of Murano, the land of the lovely glass. It warrants more said and documented about it, but I have a token I wear around my neck of that place.

5 responses to “The island of the dead

  1. Ahhhh . . . my favorite city and a cemetery. Nice combo. How funny we were both in cemeteries taking pictures of lions this weekend!

  2. Impressive Pictures! I love the statues and paths. I appreciate that you and Mendy had your respectful soulful smiles in the picture. You always became solemn and pensive during our Oakland cemetery picnics. Running wasn’t allowed; and you enforced that with our visitors. Thanks for the memories! I wanted to fry up some chicken and grab the picnic basket when I saw these pictures.

  3. Oakland’s still closed to the public because of tornado damage, but I read this weekend that its “Cabbagetown entrance” will be open within 5 years. I hope to take Miss Z for her visit once it reopens.

  4. (that’d be Z’s first visit to Oakland . . .)

  5. WHERE are the PICS that I took with “the perfect pose” in the sunlight??? Hummmm…I don’t see it on either link??? Am I going to have to put it on my blog because you know I will!!! 🙂 Heehee!!!
    Sorry that I did not post anything this weekend! I was exhausted and took it easy. I realize that I have to post very soon since next week is the trip to Cairo…OMG time flies!!!

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