It’s hailing in Florence now. Now being after Easter, after holiday, after the exhaustion that is always a part of getting out of the routine. Getaways are good; better with central heating, but good.

I woke up at San Momme in the Apennines this morning to 3 inches of snow. Beautiful, white, fluffy snow. Tree laden snow. The kind of snow I’ve not seen in 15 years or so. It was still dark when I first saw it. Early that evening I heard an owl. Everything about this trip evoked the past. Vienna, Mentone, cold, owl, crisp, wood burning evenings. Meals that make all others slightly bland. Wines. Boar. Hiking 7 kilometers up and down and up a mountain again in the rain, with inappropriate shoes. It was lovely. Unfortunately, it was also very damp and cold. I came home a day early (and hopefully not too late) to avoid getting sick.

But my skin is glowing, I don’t have circles under my eyes; spiritually I feel great. Physically, perhaps I need a hot totty, soaky bath, and a massage.  Deep down it was good for me. Nothing like visiting my old self after a few decades.

Happy belated Easter. Oh, and how the windows rumble with the storm.

(Pictures to follow maybe tomorrow.)

3 responses to “Holiday

  1. I should have insisted that you take your hiking boots to Florence. Sounds like you have cold toes. Oh how lovely to have an Easter with owls and rumbling windows! It does sound like Mentone. Our Easter involved sunshine, green grass and eggs. How boring!

  2. Oh, how I need a holiday! There was nothing the least bit relaxing about Easter. So… Poor Bear and I have a stomach bug and we are staying home today. Maybe we will just stay in our PJs all day. Next week is spring break and Jeff is taking off work too. I think this will be the longest vacation time we have had together in five years! Got to go… Pooh is about to eat my hand lotion. Happy Spring, Sis 🙂

  3. I see you have not blogged in a couple of days…hope you did not get sick!?! It sounded like you had a nice time though…refreshing the soul with nature always works for me. Oh and I finally got my blog back up and running again…I’ve been having some serious comptuer problems at home but everything is good now and I’ve added a few more posts.

    BTW…Kim went to the doctor on Thursday and they said that she could have baby girl at any time now. They have decided on Zoe Elizabeth as her name. I’m so excited!!! This will be only the secong girl out of all 7 nephews and niece. Aunt Men is ready for another girl to spoil. Cute story…everytime someone asks what they are going to name her Kim says “it is going to be Zach and Zoe” so if you asked Zach what Baby Girl’s name is he would say “ZachandZoe” as one name…I think we finally got him to understand that her name will be just Zoe. 😉 I’ll keep you updated with any news/new pics.

    Miss You! And I’ve got more vacation coming up…Venice anyone?

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