sweet spring break at last

There has been huge gaping holes of presence here. Not just here, but I’ve been absence from almost everyone’s blog of late. Sorry for that. Working tons, on the run, and occasionally napping like some sleep deprived crazed caffeine addicted fiend. And now this. I’m leaving for the Apennines tomorrow and will be out of internet for a few days. Really sorry, but I think the catching up on sleep and eating “slow food” and tasting local wines and olive oils and hiking in the chilly air is a wee bit more important to my soul right now.But know that I’ll be back. Better and stronger and with clarity of thought and a will to write that will overwhelm and amaze. OK, maybe not. But I’ll do my best to come back and share. With pics of course.Happy Spring, Good Friday, Easter, and all the other little moments we should be celebrating!!! 

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