The other 70%

If you are a headline scanner like me, this one may have slipped by without you paying too much attention. So, I thought I’d bring it out into the light. A multi-media New York Times article with graphics on the state of our oceans and a slide-show of the threatened marine species. Lots of this we already know, but I was a bit shocked by some of the information in the graph. 

And no, I’m not trying to scare you any more than you already should be, I just think it’s good to stay informed and not let it out of the universal conscious.

As an interesting footnote, I spoke with one of my Canadian friends who is also an environmental engineer and he claims (as a Canadian mind you) that Kanooks (per capita) consume more energy than Americans. Can you believe those northern neighbors? Jeez, no respect. But then, their population of


compared to our population of


well, I guess we can’t start placing too much blame on them yet.

2 responses to “The other 70%

  1. Enjoyed the slide show! I guess the new colors are in celebration of springs arrival in a few weeks. Where are the graphics and designs? You are not having a creativity slump? I hope not. Your words are always beautiful.

  2. Indeed mommacita, the new look is for future spring. But, this them doesn’t allow graphics. I really need to figure out how to design my own.

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