la la la

Bright and sunny today. Feels like Spring may actually be not too far off. I’ve had serious sleep deprivation the past few days due to coffee, night energy, or the incredible exhaustion that keeps you up for spite. Actually forgot an appointment with a friend because I was convinced it was Thursday and not Friday. In other words, my head is in the clouds and wanting sleep.

(Oh, and I’ve discovered the world of playing scrabble on facebook. Immediately addicted. So sad. But please play a game with me and feed the beast.)

However, yesterday evening finally deep good old-fashioned REM state was achieved. And woke to this lovely day. A day off at that.

Really hating that for the 3rd year in a row, I didn’t spend Oscar Sunday on the phone with either Lori or Shelby in what amounts to us geeking out for a day over the hoopla. How did it go girls? Did you miss me? (Shelby, did you actually get to watch it or were you still moving?) And the witty and lovely Jon Stewart, how was he?  I need to know, help me out!

One response to “la la la

  1. I did watch and was mostly please. Wish that Amy Ryan had won best supporting actress and that Jesse James had got bet cinematography. The best moment of the night would have to be when Markéta Irglová was invited back on stage for her moment to shine.

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