this one goes out to the ones I love

According to Wikipedia, in Finland, Valentine’s Day instead of being solely for romantic love actually translates into something like “Friend’s Day”. I like this. Valentine’s has always been a mixed bag of tricks for me. As a truly single living in Atlanta, it was more about forgetting (through copious amounts of alcohol) the Hallmark spin on love. When I was part of a long relationship, it was the day we celebrated as our “anniversary” and now as a constantly morphing single in love, well, who knows how to express it. So a Friend’s Day, well, I think today I’ll claim Finnish heritage.

In spite of the fact I’ve known and experienced great loves (and still do) the consistent steady beat of friendship is what makes my heart race because I have the best friends. Eclectic, fun, intelligent, inspiring and most of all trusted. I honestly love my friends. And though I also have great parents and family, I lucked into them. So today I want to send all of my love to my lovelies; the ones who are not blood bound to tolerate me, the ones who always pick up the phone and the ones that never hesitate to laugh or cry or debate or celebrate with me. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you all.


(un bacione)

10 responses to “this one goes out to the ones I love

  1. Well that is way better than all the hearts and chocolate around this place. You set the bar for friendship, my love. Thanks for making today easier to swallow.

  2. love, love, love to you, too!

  3. Words flow easily from your heart – keep the tap open. So you think it was lucky – that part about the parents and family, hmm and I thought it was just the passion of the moment. We are the lucky ones.

    Just read someone new, Hal Crowther. While not born in the south, he writes with the style and cutting wit of a true intolerant “by the grace of god” southerner. An article I particularly liked is at:

    Is pride such a scandalous thing? We love you!


  4. Happy Friend’s Day, lovely friend!

  5. Though we’ve never actually met, I still feel that we’re friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. We need to fix that someday Justin and Julia!

  7. Ah, feel the love. Thanks all. And Justin, I feel like you’re a friend too!

  8. Of course I’m a day late but Happy Belated True Love Day!
    Miss you!

  9. Happy very belated from me as well!


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