Mendy came breezing through here last week. We really had a great time. She was fortunate enough to be able to stay longer, so the whole pace of her visit was “take it easy”, much better than “let’s go”. Honestly, I hope she wasn’t bored. I got her hooked on Weeds and we both caught up with LOST. Lots of laughing and talking and staying up too late. We did manage to leave Florence for a beautiful day in Lucca. Lucca, with its walls and alley ways and tasty lasagna ai funghi. I love discovering new places, and especially new dishes. Naturally I did take pictures, but hers are much better. Eventually I’ll get them all organized and on Picasa.

But, as it always happens, people come and people go. I guess that would be true no matter where I live. Luckily I worked the day she left, so wasn’t able to feel too glum about it. Of course now I have a ton of catching up to do. Here on the blog, cleaning the apartment, preparing for classes and resting for my work week. It was a fantastic visit of a great friend. Check out her blog for pictures and a clearer description of what all we did.

3 responses to “WendyMendy

  1. Talking of TV… a nice illegal site to pick up USA TV is http://www.joox.net. Just a fun fact for the Pea

  2. Oh, now that is a fun and much needed fact. Thanks! Now I’ll never get anything done 🙂 Well ok, I’ll get some stuff done.

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