My Birthday (or Trieste, part 2)

What can I say?

I had pure fun, coffee, food, a castle, nature, architecture, and once more, an experience. In Trieste, fascism meets Roman ruins meets neo-gothic. I love a good blend. Thus the tons of pictures of buildings. Not to mention my play by play of the birthday dinner at Tommaso’s cafe. Birthdays are tasty in so many ways. But, to revert back to my childhood self, silence is golden and this time I’ll let the pictures say what they will.

Trieste pt. 2

3 responses to “My Birthday (or Trieste, part 2)

  1. The chocolate cake looked scrumptious! I could smell that wonderful Italian coffee. Great Pictures. That birthday was much greater than a picnic at Oakland Cemetery.

  2. well, Oakland Cemetery has its charms too!

  3. It sounds like a very fitting birthday. I like the idea of keeping some of the reflections, the descriptions, the secrets of celebration to ourselves. Happy Belated Birthday.

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