Easy like Sunday morning (or Trieste, pt. 1)

Waking a bit after the sun, but not too much, we began. It was a cold morning and I was happy that we were in a car crossing the Apennines and their frosty tops. Deciding to take it easy the first leg of the trip was a good idea, because it gave me a chance to see the Tuscany rarely filmed, the winter. Part of me thinks it is fitting to be born in the dead part of the year; another, bigger and truly little girl part of me longs for the chance of a spring birthday. But at least this year it worked for me. Those famous Tuscan hills are glorious during the rest of the year; but I must admit, the browns, grays, greens and shockingly blue skies after a morning shroud of fog was a lovely enigma gently uncovered.

Avoiding the bane of the autovelox (fixed speed cameras) we slowly climbed and swayed through the mountains. I insisted on being allowed a few non-moving pictures, so the trip was much longer than we thought — but ultimately worth it. I love seeing the small little towns, the public art they display, and watching everyone go about their daily lives while living in what could only be called picturesque perfection — it gives you a pause. I believe all of our lives have something beautiful about them that others would want to take a picture of. And yet, there is the realization that even in a picture, the people in them still have to work, buy groceries, and put up with traffic. For me, it was refreshing.

We finally made it to out of Tuscany and too the east coast of Italy. An hour or so below Venice, we stopped and ate a delicious meal before heading up to Trieste via the highway. And this put us getting into Trieste after dark. I was joking before I saw it, that I hoped it was another “city of light” because I was a bit upset to be arriving after dark. And serendipity took care of me. It appeared as a city of light cupping the Adriatic sea. Hopefully the pictures will do it justice. Nothing like having a sparkling display greet you on the eve of your birthday.

Trieste pt. 1

3 responses to “Easy like Sunday morning (or Trieste, pt. 1)

  1. You have to explain the blue lights in the square!

  2. Ditto Lori. Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful Words! Beautiful Daughter! I remember describing the winter colors while driving down the Western brow of Lookout Mountain. On that trek to school I wasn’t certain that you appreciated all that beige, lavender and the smoky fog across that crooked highway. But I always knew you loved the purple of the distant mountains.

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