Maybe it’s the moon

Sorry people. I was really freaked out because earlier when I signed in to wordpress it had no place for me to post. Which has never happened before and I think an anomaly. Regardless, there are other things to be concerned with. First, Shelby told me that Heath Ledger was found dead. And as a fan of his work, well, let’s just say I was shocked and really can’t articulate anything about it. Wordless.

It’s odd though, because before I read the article, I was thinking that everything is going well. I finally got all of my permesso papers turned in, I’ve had a great few days with my classes, some snags at the bookstore that are minor — all in all, I feel great. And then, someone I don’t know, never would have known, and he dies young, and everything goes haywire. Anyway, like I said, I can’t truly express anything about this. It feels awkward even mourning a stranger, but for whatever reason, I am.

On to some good news (especially for those of you that like pictures) Mendy has finally started a blog. And I do believe she is coming to see me soon? So, naturally I’m adding her to the blogroll and please check in with the life o’mendy. It’s bound to be a fun and travel-filled one.

Sorry it has been a few days, but (in spite of the month) they’ve been good ones. And for my birthday I think I’m headed to Trieste and staying at the James Joyce Hotel. More about that when I get back though.

Go watch Brokeback Mountain and remember a great actor we’ve lost.

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