Spots of gold

After berating poor January, I should announce I feel much better. While watching the rain splutter this afternoon, I looked into my room from the outside. One of the things I enjoy the most in this dwelling is the lighting. The lights all have a golden ambiance that emits warmth and rest. Warmth and rest are what we all need. And in this case, the scene inspired me. It inspired me to stay indoors and contemplate the state of things. My state of things is rather sundry, but that is a constant. And if sundry is a lot that I must bear, then so be it. Worse things could happen.

So in spite of the weather, my jobs, and my remove from some great people, there are always small spots of light. Perfect, no. But they warm nonetheless.

Since I’ve been not giving you too much political, thought I’d do it with a smile. Here’s some Jon Stewart for you. Writer’s strike or not, he’s great.

Jon Stewart on South Carolina republican debate.

One response to “Spots of gold

  1. I love Jon Stewart…one of the best political analysts out there because not only does he ask good questions and hit the nail on the head, he’s also funny as hell when he does it!

    Glad you are finding some light in dark January. It’s so important that we all find the things that can be our phials of Galadriel…our lights in dark places when all other lights go out. Hold onto yours and enjoy them!

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