Out of commission

You guessed it, it’s January. And that means I have the Florence Flu. Even the doctor pointed out, didn’t you have this the same time last year? Yeah, and the year before that.

My goal is to not be in Florence during January.

So, between the chills, delirium, fever, and — something I can only describe as — liquid head, I’m probably not going to be around much. Maybe this weekend? We’ll see, antibiotics early on could help.

Stay healthy.

2 responses to “Out of commission

  1. For some reason, to me the Florence Flu sounds like something out of The Princess Bride.

  2. Whiskey in a glass with lemon juice, bed rest, and a good book. I am proud that you went to the doctor. Maybe check on the whiskey with him. Remember our visit in February a few years ago, that was a powerful flu. Dad called it the February Florence Flu, and it took him weeks to get over it. So stay in bed until you are better!

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