Vacation’s gone

(sniff-sniff) I know you all feel real sorry for me, but my “vacation” is at it’s last day.

Working tomorrow is going to be a good thing, really. I’ve missed confusing Italians with my inability to comprehend or convey meaning. And Monday teaching starts back up, and Wednesday a good-old-fashioned-stocktake occurs at the bookstore! You may think I’m kidding, but really am excited about bookstore inventory. I feel like that is something I actually may need to know how to do.

So, today I’m enjoy my last drop of slack time by not getting up at sunrise and not standing in line at the questura and not applying for my permesso and not feeling too guilty about it. Of course, remind me of this when I complain later.

Speaking of complaining, here is another article I chanced upon in my New York Times headline scouring. It’s a bit long, but be not afraid, it concerns the state of things to be. I love the fact that the White House meanies are claiming this is because of a scarcity of tax-payer dollars. Duh people, um, any reason you can think of for a scarcity of tax payer money? Hmm. Could it begin in I and end in Q and involve war, by chance? Does anyone remember the fact we once had a “surplus” of tax money?

U.S. Curtailing Bids to Expand Medicaid Rolls

And thanks for the comments (public and private) yesterday. I enjoy the discussion.

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