OK, look

I know it has been awhile. But (there is always a but, right?) but, really things have been insanely busy. To start, there was the coughing, nasty, plague-esque illness I had before leaving Italy. Then there was the painful flight back — painful in the sense that upon each descent, my eardrums were being pierced with icepicks and I’m certain they bled (some loss of hearing may have occurred-huh?). Then the reunion with mom and pop. The drive from ATL to the farm. Lori, Daryl, and Zoe arriving for Thanksgiving. Cooking. Laughing. Some drinking. Bad movie watching (can’t recommend Beowulf). Saying bye. Then driving to Miami (I like it, who knew!), visa paperwork dealing, eating too much junk food. And now, here I am. Exhausted.

Here are some things of note: my goddaughter is surely going to run the world one day (in a very charming way); my dear friend Lori is no card shark (best to stick with Trivial Pursuit, carina); there is a cranberry chutney better than the standard cranberry sauce and I never thought I’d say that; my cats are the best in the world; hills exist in South Florida, unfortunately they are trash mounds inhabited by seagulls and buzzards; the Italian Consulate has too much money on their hands; Matt Damon has at long last been recognized as the sexiest man alive; and finally, it’s good to be home (even for  just a bit).

Remind me to write about the soundtrack of America.

3 responses to “OK, look

  1. Hey Julia, write about the Soundtrack of America. I myself, am off to create a soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet. Wake Forest High School won’t know what hit ’em.

  2. Was I that bad? Oh, no! There were muttered complaints, weren’t there!?

    (must have more chutney soon.)

    beware Miss Z,



  3. No, you weren’t that bad. Humorous, but not that bad. Of course, there was a ton of rum and coke involved. Thanks again for the chutney, just need to have it again soon.

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