in through the out door

It’s cold. Supposedly about 30 degrees this morning. Now I’m at the bookstore hoping no one comes in the door. It is automatic and if anyone moves near it, it keeps opening. My desk it right next to it, so my goal throughout a cold day is to sit here, not move, and wish desperately for no one to walk in and empty what little warmth has accumulated out into the sidewalk. If someone stops to look at our Christmas book display in the window, the door opens. How big of a scrooge would I be to remove the display? And yes, I do understand that in order for me to keep this job, eventually some books need to be sold. However, right now I have a cold and murderous thoughts drift to the window browsers and people just popping in for directions. No more mrs. nice girl — I have a plane to catch on Tuesday and sick is not suiting me.

As for other minor complaints, I found out that one of my closest friends here is leaving. He has been talking about it since he arrived here 1 1\2 years ago, so I began to feel like he would be here forever. Nope. Antonio is headed back home to Canada. I get it, but it still makes me sad. He had become like a little brother to me and he is always willing to meet for a panino or gelato.

OK, some lady just uselessly made my door open! She was smoking a cigarette in the doorway not even pretending to be interested in anything. Grrr. and Brrr. I’m tapping into my inner bear. Don’t worry future greeters; I promise I’ll be in a better mood by the time you all see me.

3 responses to “in through the out door

  1. Sorry you are so cold! Fie on the cigarette lady! ;-(
    It’s cold here in IL too (finally!). BTW, where are you off to on Tuesday?

    I’m reading a gorgeous and witty book by Gail Godwin called Evensong. It is the sequel to another gorgeous book, Father Melancholy’s Daughter. I love the way Godwin uses language and develops characters. If you haven’t tried her yet, I recommend her highly. These are books where you feel like you know the characters personally. Yummy.

    Miss you!

    Love to you from Brandy Hall, IL 🙂

  2. It was nice and sunny here in Florida today. I awakened at 5:00 this morning and there was a heavy fog over the pond, and the sun had just peaked over the horizon, so that pink tangerine sky was so soft and the green grass was still silver with the dew. Within 30 minutes the primary colors had taken over those pastels and silvers. It was a glorious morning that became a bright brilliant day. I can not wait to see you. Duncan left this evening for Atlanta to do the Falcon game. He can’t be here for his birthday or Thanksgiving, but will be here by Friday. But we are going to have a great reunion.

  3. Can the door still open if you disable the automatic opener mechanism? (a.k.a., tape over the motion sensor)

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