gee, does anyone know someone with a birthday?

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. I have the unique benefit of my two best friends celebrating their birthdays one day apart. (Nov. 5th is Shelby, Nov. 6th is Lori) and normally I’m running around, trying to compose birthday greetings, looking for presents, a little bit stressed because I want to be fair to both. Last year was easy because Lori went up to celebrate Shelby’s 40th in NC (along with a gob of other people). And this year Shelby is headed to Hot’lanta. And, yeah, guess I’m just going to have to call. Not that calling is bad, it’s just not being there. Do you know how much fun I would have in my hometown, with those two, on their birthday weekend? Too much, that I know. The kind of fun I wouldn’t be able to blog about. Prince of Wales for Shelby’s and the Highlander for Lori’s. Tomato mop at one and cheese tater-tots at the other. Life affirming hangovers for both.

Oh well, next year ladies.

Happy (early) birthdays to two of the best people I’ve had the fortune to know, understand, grow with and love. Thank you both for your ears, shoulders, voices and hearts. Now poor a glass of wine and know I’m there, just here.

5 responses to “gee, does anyone know someone with a birthday?

  1. What fun the Highlander and the Prince of Wales with two of the most fun ladies and happy drunks. (All of your friends are happy drunks no fighters in our crowd!) I wish I could be the “Julia substitute”. But this week end I have business to attend. So happy Birthday Shelby and Lori, have a bloody mary at the Prince and a tall cold long neck Bud at the Highlander in mine and Julia’s honor. Best Wishes!

  2. and a toast from Greenville, NC as well…

  3. will mojitos do? the mixing is about to commence . . . (and many thanks for all the well wishes!)

  4. We missed you too! But we were not too wild. We will save that for a belated deserved drunkened debauchery when you get here. I have pics to post but trying to catch up on everything work wise! xoxoxoxo

  5. So Hot’lanta survived the birthday girls and the girls survived Hot’lanta! Fifteen days and counting… Julia will be on our shore!!!

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