Staying, breathing

The other day, my roomie told me she was tired of life outside of the center and was not planning on renewing the lease here with me. So I’ve been preoccupied trying to come to terms with either eventual poverty, moving back into town with her, or the slippery slope of strangers living with me. There are other options, maybe (winning a lottery?) but those seemed to be the ones in my mind. Stress and sleeplessness made it darker than it was. That and the fact that I would have to make a decision and move before I go home in November.

I don’t know if any of you have gathered this from my blog, but I LOVE it out here in the green burbs. The air is cleaner, there is little English spoken, no drunks under my window at night (unless it is me looking for my keys), a short bus ride to work. So I’m staying. Yes, possible financial ruin to follow, but some things are worth it. My piece of mind definitely is. And who knows, maybe there is someone out there that wants the same and can split the rent. I’ll find out in January.  If you are planning on a visit, I may have a spare room for you (for a small fee, of course.)

3 responses to “Staying, breathing

  1. Hallelujah! Put me down for the last two weeks of February or the first two weeks of March depending on if you have other guest. The fares are cheaper then; and I loved being there in February of 2006. Advice to Sweet Prince William, Thomas, Shane & Michelle, Lori & Darryl, Shelby, Mindy, Cheryl and all my other children: It is great to visit in late winter and first spring. In June I spent one and half more for two weeks in a Florence B & B than Julia’s rent (for a month). In that wonderful February my path crossed with a fellow traveler from the past who now considers me evil. Even that part of the trip was wonderful and with out incident or drama. So late winter is a magical time in Florence. Pa and I are so happy that you are staying in the burbs.

  2. As you know amica…..I am very hopeful it will be me in January! I will have more to share after next week’s court dates. Mi manchi molto, bella! Give the man a hug for me. Hey, I am still on that name game….Samantha Bellavita? Frescavita? any new ideas? Baci!

  3. Love your new look! Sorry I haven’t been by to visit for a while, but I’m glad to be here now. I’d love to hear (and see) more about Geneva…sounds amazing! And I wish you the best with the shake-up in your housing situation. I hope you can find a cool roomie.

    I just re-read Robin McKinley’s BEAUTY…somehow it managed to be just as much fun at age 32 as it had been at 13, but I’m sure I noticed different things. She’s so awesome.

    Have you read The Children of Hurin yet? I have not, but hope to soon. I’ll report.

    Miss you! Hugs coming across the Atlantic to you!

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