Ginevra pics

Got lazy and didn’t feel like making an album just yet, so . . . here are some pics from the the trip. My camera is not the best, but try to focus for me.

alps1web.jpg alps2web.jpgculy1web.jpg genevanight1web.jpg

parcdesbastions1web.jpgparcdesbastions2web.jpg reformers1web.jpgfountain1web.jpg

5 responses to “Ginevra pics

  1. How lazy do you have to be to not make a photo album? It’s faster to upload pics to Google Photos that it is to upload them to WordPress.

    This is Stafford’s influence. He has opened a portal to an alternate universe when it’s totally okay to pick on Julia!


  2. Beautiful pics. Who are the four old dudes? They a appear to be the founders of the Iota Eta Sigma fraternity. I bet they threw a raging kegger after they finished posing for that statue.

  3. I feel that I have been to Geneva, good photos but where are you? Could you not find a tourist to take a picture of you and our birthday buddy?

  4. Shelby: Maybe you could hold my hand through the album process? Kidding, but I’ll try again. As for Stafford’s evil influence, well, clearly he needs to be dealt with. 🙂
    Justin: the raging kegger was a bit stiff really.
    Sandra: L is walking away from me in one pic. Is that not enough? When I get the album up, I’ll have some familiar faces.

  5. Always too happy to hold your lovely hand my darling.

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