(cough cough) It’s Friday!

Pathetic land abounds. Actually feeling better now, but for 2 days I have had a slight fever and nasty cough. This did not (thankfully) prevent me from enjoying Mendy’s last few days here. We even managed a trip to Siena (her first) where we had great views, fantastic picci and ravioli, and lots of pictures.

And of course I have some pictures of that trip, as well as my first visit to Pisa with Mendy and another jaunt through Fiesole. However, I want to wait and give her time to get her feet back on the ground in America so she can send me some of hers. (Her camera is much more effective than mine.) That way you’ll have a barrage of Italy views to choose from.

In the meantime, I’m making this my recuperation weekend. Soup, blankets, ordered tv shows on iTunes (Angie and I are going to watch the first 2 seasons of Grey’s.) So, yeah, a few restful days ahead. And I have good news on the job front, but that will have to wait for another post and some more certainty.

Hope everyone has a good one! Wash your hands and take your vitamins. Oh, and mom, hope you feel better too (she is also sick).

2 responses to “(cough cough) It’s Friday!

  1. Hmm . . . job news? And did you work things out w/the bookstore?

    Can’t wait to see the pix & to hear the tales from you & Mendy.



  2. Staying under a blanket, watching movies, chicken soup, and no company this weekend has also restored my health. Thanks for the tip. Hope you are also well. Send Mendy pictures soon. Love Mom

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