DrugLord Comics posted a link to this story (click here) about the UF student who was brought down by security using a taser gun. After watching the video, I felt nauseous. I try to not comment too much on what is going on in America these days because part of me thinks I’m a wimp for being here and not arrested there.

But don’t you think this is a blatant violation of our first amendment rights? Or are we so removed from the ideology of 1791 (and the late 1960s) that we see the student as a problem? It was said that the student is perhaps a media hound, that he is an instigator of sorts (something about passing out the end of Harry Potter books), etc. But, at least just from the video, I saw someone who was fed up and using a public forum to be heard and to ask questions. Definitely not a reason to be tasered.

Most of all, I fear our voices have been dulled. The student protesters of the 60s (no offense to my generation) were highly educated. Yes, more people now attend college, but is college today the same as that 40 years ago? My mother was taught Latin in high school (something not even conceived of in today’s public education system). And then we are fed by the media and our current administration selected audiences who would never raise a debate, let alone their voice. So complacency seems normal. But should it?

Soldiers and citizens around the world are stuck in a war. They are dying and they are killing; and everyone is mourning. Can someone tell me why? I really do not understand. Where is an Owen Meany that can speak to us in all CAPS and see what is wrong? Where is our VOICE?

And can we find it soon?

6 responses to “Voice

  1. Not without risk and not without effort – mostly effort. That means you hafta do shit you don’t like in order to MAYBE make shit happen that you believe is important. As my old friend Jackie Malone would say – Press on, nothing in the world takes the place of persistence.

  2. Wow! Your dad hasn’t used our old 60’s theme “Shit Happens” in a long time. Yes in the old days we did have an attitude of “shit happens”, but we also took action if it was something against our values or plans. Difference ? We we not faced with being declared “an enemy combatant” and sent to a torture room. The young UF student Mr. Myers is apparently a provoker with a blog. The situation could have been handled without the brownshirts; because Senator Kerry was on stage saying “Let me answer the young man’s question”, but he was ignored. It is sad and embarrassing for Florida and free speech.

  3. I think sometimes we have to have our rights violated before we will decide to stand up for them. Only the people in the audience (the ones that weren’t leaving) would have heard what he had to say if they had let him speak. Now the whole world has heard his message. And it will be increasingly difficult to stifle voices like his from this point forward. It’s possible that the words, “Don’t taze me, bro!” have marked the beginning of the reversal of the trend of our loss of rights in this country.

  4. The middle class around the world has gotten fat and sedate and don’t want to give up their hard earned “stuff” to raise a hue and cry over some miscreant who wants to exercise his archiac “freedoms” . It is ironic that this guy was tasered at a university where people are encouraged to think outside the box, or are they? Haven’t we all become complacent in our indifference to what is happening in the government and only say something, and very quietly at that, when it affects us financially?? I think that most people have come to realize that the big guys make the rules and carry out thier policy which puts more money and power in their control.

    The protesters of the 60’s are now grandparents, whose kids are usually screwed up as are the grandkids, who have had everything handed to them, who have come to realize that no matter how hard you work, you will not take a damn thing with you when your time is over. I think this is why no matter how much rheteric you read or hear, it is just words without substance and conviction. It used to be that small voices could make a difference ( think Bolshevik Revolution- but even these guys got financial and arms backing from other rabble rousers) but with economic times being what they are, people are grasping onto a survival mode and know that the government will not do a damn thing to make their lives easier. Once a person ceases tobe productive due to age, illness or any other limitaton, the governments AROUND THE WORLD (except maybe not Sweden or Norway) look for ways to rid themselves of the burdensom non producers who take up space and resources and from whom the government can no longer extract tribute in the form of exorbinate taxes and allegiance.

    I think that the medical profession had been in cahoots with the government and the pharmeseudical (sp?) companies in coming up with new and improved drugs for every concocted malady which they themselves have created with the poisening of the food, air and water supplies, and now we are just one big experiment to them to see what works, so that they can sell it to who ever pays their exorbinate prices. Of course working out the bugs as to “unintended consequences” with the use of their product…. well again, just follow the money and you will see enlightment. In the meantime, people are dying left and right because of manmade toxity.

    I am surprised that your Dad would have the nerve to quote “Jackie Malone????” Of all people out there with notable quotes she wouldn’t even register a blip on the reichter scale. She was a predator who got what she had coming to her. She preyed and made money off the poor people, violated the banking and other legal laws and screwed who ever she could as long as it put another dollar into her bank account. She was a paryiah (sp?) . Only thing she was good for was to feed the worms… and even they probably would have preferred a better tasting carcaus.

    Anyway, I have vented, I have pontificated and I am cleansed of my frustration with a system that is inept, unconcerned and like all goverments, monarchies and dictators before them, see themselves as the saviors for us little folk….

    Think I will pour myself some wine and let my mind wonder….


    Kathe k.

  5. I am also disgusted by this police brutality. He should not even have been arrested to begin with. Six cops could not subdue him?!! Absolute bullshit, they should all be fired.

  6. If you want to really to be outraged, google jena 6…

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