Madeleine L’Engle

Patty Lou, a friend of my parents’ when I was the magical age of eleven, was a reader. She was also a smoker, a drinker, an intellect and had one of the driest wits on Lookout Mountain, or maybe even in the southeast. I have no idea where she is now, but I do know she did one thing that made the difference and will forever separate her from most of my parents’ other smoking, drinking, fun friends — she gave me a copy of A Wrinkle in Time.

And maybe, perhaps, assuming we are not just some genetic being, but also beings of the light, air, and literature around us, that book made me who I am today. So, thanks Patty, wherever you are.

Hopefully all of this explains why I have tears in my eyes this morning when I read that Madeleine L’Engle died at the magical age of 88. So, thanks to you too Ms. L’Engle, wherever you are. Thanks for teaching the world that love can overcome almost anything.

2 responses to “Madeleine L’Engle

  1. Absolutely one of the books that saved me & made me. I hadn’t heard about M. L’E. Might be time to do some re-reading.

    I do know Patty Lou’s whereabouts & might even have her address squirreled away somewhere. Will send it to you when i find the address book your lovely goddaughter has hidden somewhere in this mess of a house. Might try to see Patty in October, actually.

    Love you,

  2. I would love to have Patty Lou’s address! So please pass it on to me. We had so many wonderful conversations, political discussions and book reviews while enjoying a bourbon and coke in the “white trash palace”, before she built her new home. Yes Julia I remember the day she gave you that book. You went to your turret bedroom in our “rotten castle” and read it cover to cover. Love can overcome almost anything!

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