So, I know the title and maybe the message are going to offend about 75% of you, but wrote a quick poem for Shelby. It’s really for all of us that have had to mend (so all of us). And I know that is humans’ work, not just women’s. But oh well, I like my title better this way. And yes, I wrote it in about 5 mins. and yes, I know it isn’t publish worthy — but people, this is a blog. If you want the good stuff, you must go out and buy a journal. Having said all of that:

Women’s Work (for Shelby)

All this mending
The pulled and picked gaps showing
An ugly absence with pale
Flesh peeking through.

We try to tie it back together
Recreate the former structure.
Yet, after a cycle (even on delicate!)
It’s there again, larger.

If only an expert would appear.
A real woman, knowledgeable,
Deft fingers, and silver
Full of stories with pins in her mouth.

She’d know what to do.
Done it forever.
Taking these sweaters, wool socks,
That favorite skirt

And the holes vanish.
Stronger, no longer headed off
To charity, or the trash.
A perfect garment (again)
Where no wind blows through.

But now — late for work and rushing
This quick knot and loose stitch
Must make do.

5 responses to “Drafting

  1. Damnit. I meant to buy a new box of tissue for work. Thank you. I love you. It’s perfect.

  2. Those words are very worthy. Speaking as a mender of socks as well as souls: Here is my advise (it applies to garments as well as hearts). Once I used scotch tape (at my desk) to mend a hem until I got back home. Didn’t work. Then I tried quick stitch; it came out in first wash. So I put on soft music, got cotton thread, sharp needle and calmly sat down enjoying and contemplating each stitch until the hem was complete. So mending requires happy mood, calm, natural materials, clear mind, contemplation and diligent work in small steps. It takes time, can’t be rushed.

  3. People???? What’s the difference between a blog and a journal? After years of diligent preparation – great things come in flashes of blinding light. Try to be ready for the flashes.

  4. Ray and Sandra, you are both wonderful and wise.

  5. Beautiful!


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