So, I know anyone that has had to suffer in the heat recently really doesn’t want to read this post. Unfortunately, I’m a mere vessel conveying information to you. More to the point, when I woke this morning I had to put on these (note the flannel):


Not only that, the view from my bedroom looked really chilly to me:


And of course, to take this shot, I had to put on a jacket (could have used a scarf).


As for other things, I got a free bike yesterday. No, I didn’t steal it. Just one of the many benefits of having friends in the academic cycle. Seems a student that was here in the Summer didn’t feel like selling it back before he left. And now I am the lucky one. Well, lucky may not be the word. It is kind of a rattling thing and I don’t think I’ll attempt to take it into town. But it’s blue and it works and I feel like I’m 12 again riding the roads, wind in my hair, cruising. OK, maybe not 12 — but still, bicycle, bicycle!!!

(yes mom, I’ll be careful—see, I am 12 again).

5 responses to “Slippers

  1. We are under a heat advisory again today. I love Septembers in the South.

  2. See, I just look at the slippers-and-flannel-jammies picture and I get hot.

  3. Do you have a helmet? How much do they cost? Love your slippers and your view!

  4. Your view is beautiful! I started reading your blog, because my grandfather (Charlie a.k.a. toody or Pop) is your mom’s cousin. Your mom and dad are awesome! We went to visit in August. I hope you are having a great time in Italy and hope to meet you soon!

  5. Hi Tiffany! Glad you enjoyed my parents, they are pretty great. Tell Toody I said hello and I’ll maybe see him at the end of November. We’ll surely meet soon. Ciao!

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