Spontaneous September Saturday


Above is the little town of Consuma that I went to yesterday on an unplanned journey. Only a short bus ride away and I made it back to Florence by 8 pm. The weather is gorgeous here and in Consuma it was cool enough for me to wear a jacket. They are famous for their schiacciata (a flat bread made with olive oil typically Tuscan). Schiacciata means crushed, squashed, or flattened. Beyond simple meaning of the word, it is a tasty bread—especially when stuffed with all kinds of goodies (salami, prosciutto, cheese, veggies). Naturally, me being all about mountains, picnics, vino, and cool air, and having a companion similarly inclined, full advantage of the situation occurred. Case in point, below is a picture of our picnic, umm, bag:


I don’t know if any of you count carbs, but clearly I don’t. All in all, it was a great unplanned breather. Even saw my dream house:


Exhausted after the day but so worth the bus ride there. Whoever visits me next, be prepared for a side trip back (only 3.10 euros there). But for now, it’s back to writing time. The British Library opens tomorrow and I’m joining it. Got to get my hands on some WWII books. I’ll keep you posted how that goes…

4 responses to “Spontaneous September Saturday

  1. How much does that dream house cost?

  2. I don’t really think that dream house is for sale. Unfortunately, as with all dream houses, it is just a dream. But my little apartment is the only dream I need right now.

  3. Why are carbs so comforting? ALL I want to eat at the moment is bread or pasta or potatoes. I am having turkey meatloaf from Whole Foods for lunch. I have decided to make it for myself only I will add chopped tomatoes and Italian herbs and some cheese.

  4. My dream is that you will be home with me; or I can move to Italy and be with you. The houses are not as important as the people in them, and this house has seemed very empty this summer. Even though I have had great company, I sure do miss you. So start looking at houses with “for sale” signs, I might get brave enough to leave these shores.

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