Fichi and hot wings

I’m back. Settling into being online again. Catching up with my long list of neglected correspondence. For now, just going to post a few pictures of the new place and some figs (fichi).

Fichiview of bedroomliving roomwine-bottle-balcony.jpg

And my favorite shot is of the tabasco bottles we used to make 85 hot wings for Frank, Moira, and Aaron. Send Pepto stat. The bottles (all were eventually used) speak for themselves.


It’s beyond good to be back. And I can now install wireless in Italian and know what and how much a tripolare adattatore per collegare il Modem is (or something like that). Don’t be impressed, the guide has pictures. I did find myself in tears at some point, but recovered.

7 responses to “Fichi and hot wings

  1. At least you are no longer taking pictures of beer and wine bottles. Now, if you would only stop singing that damned song – 99 bottles of beer…..

    Florida is now under a virtual cold snap – it dropped down into the 70’s last night.
    Congrats on your new access to the world. Love you, miss you!

  2. Three cheers for Telecom (?) So glad you’re back. Apt looks lovely.
    miss you,

  3. Hooray! It’s good to have you back online. 🙂

  4. I like the figs, even if they remind me of a certain evil person.

  5. Welcome back! I have missed you, The apartment looks great. Is there a balcony off your bedroom or were you suspended from a ladder? I sure do wish I could send some of your pictures, photos and art work for the walls. That Van Gough poster that you hauled from Amsterdam to Vienna (in your back pack) would look fabulous in your bedroom.

  6. speaking about technology in italian–what a turn-on!
    Love you…

  7. oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I need a high res picture of the tabasco bottles to give as Christmas gifts. That is the coolest picture ever!!!!!

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