August 20th

Is it sad that my happiest thought today is the the COOP is open? Well, not quite my happiest thought, but it was pretty exciting to see my favorite grocery store back in business.

And as for that little thing called the Internet . . . si, bona. Which is kind of like saying, yeah sure. There is also a hand gesture involved, but I digress.

The weather is cooling down here. Lovely rains. Planning on having people over for dinner at my new place. Two weeks ago Kelly and Ale were the practice guests.  Now things get serious.

Guess I should mention to those that know me that I’m really enjoying cooking lately. Odd domestic splurging or is it just a matter of money? Boh, I don’t know, but I do have more fun in the kitchen now.

Back to my point, it is lovely here today and slowly businesses are opening back up and that means, yep, more fun to be had. (Now if only Telecom would follow the trend . . .)

2 responses to “August 20th

  1. Lacking the energy or wherewithal to change the channel last night I found myself watching Under the Tuscan Sun and of course thinking of you. When you plan your meals, THINK BIG. I regret that so many of my culinary efforts are off the cuff and simple. Maybe when you come home I will really challenge myself. Just for you and your delight in food.

  2. Reading Eat, Pray, Love and thinking of you and missing you…

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