no net in mid august

um, right. think my dad is correct in saying the grain is stuck in the hour glass. still no net at home. do have a land line though.

but, in lieu of complaining, i’ll point out that the good stuff.

fresh breezy nights, even cool in the shade during the day. humidity is only at around 70 to 80%. don’t know what these italians complain about.

and writing! feel like i really have found the well after a long dry spell. wish i could write more here.

oh, and thanks lorelei for the book. it does help.

Read Eat Prey Love if you can. Thought I’d hate it, but not really.

MISS YOU ALL. As soon as Telecom gets its arse in gear . . . . you’ll tire of all of my posts.

7 responses to “no net in mid august

  1. eat PREY love? nice typo.

    miss you,


  2. I’m reading it. Seems very spot-on for me at the moment. Thanks for everything.

  3. it is so good to see a post from you! i truly miss them! and as long as you are writing somewhere is good enough for me! after a weekend in NYC i am overwhelmed with visual ideas for a painting at the moment but hope to start this weekend on something new.
    btw…i finally broke down and bought a laptop and i’ve got the geek squad coming out on SAT to set my wireless up. i probably could have figured it out on my own but it was part of their service…oh well.
    miss you!

  4. Yeah, Mendy! Happy painting. Let’s have a cocktail soon . . . (we’ll have to drink Julia’s for her).

  5. Mendy and Lori, drink one for me, but stay out of trouble. Are you going over to our old neighborhood in Virginia- Highland? If so go upstairs and play a game of pool in honor of Julia. Sure wish I could met you all in Hotlanta! Julia enjoy the cool evenings, because it is hot as hades at midnight down here. The screen porch hammock no longer offers relief at night. The frogs even quit singing.

  6. yeah, pool, drink, and um, prey (hah, that is funny) for me. mom, those frogs are singing, but they are too tired to do it loud enough for you.

  7. It’s been 100+ in Atlanta all week, Sandra. Can’t imagine how steamy it is on the farm. I hope you will share a cocktail with us soon!

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