A grain of sand

Time is moving slowly in my disconnected state. One tiny piece of time every once in a while. Find myself at another internet point. I seem to know the hospitals, Internet points, and buses rather well. Oh, and l’autobus in August, no fun.

Anyway, the eighth is around the corner, waiting for the sand to trickle by. Then, an inundation of pictures, words, etc.

And writing projects are forming. Need to research. Need the net.

Let me know how you are all doing.

4 responses to “A grain of sand

  1. just waiting for that first phone call . . .

    miss you,


  2. Time is passing way to slow.

  3. IN THE SOUTH WE REFER TO AUGUST AS “DOG DAYS” and my three Bassett hounds are miserable, I have no energy, and the heat factor was 110 degrees, but frankly it felt like 200 today. not a breeze, not even a whiff of air outside. But fellow travelers take heart because autumn is just around the corner for most of you. Here in Florida the leaves will not turn but it should cool slightly. Stay inside and read a book!

  4. I think the neck of your hourglass is too small – that damn grain of sand is stuck.

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