The price you pay

Who knew that a little bit of quiet and green could cost so much? Yep, I still love my new place, still sleeping like a log, etc. but . . . well, it may be a while before I’m online at home. The phone company (vile Telecom) is taking its sweet time getting a line in the place. It may, wait for it, be as early as August 8th. (the sigh escapes and flies around the world). It may be earlier. But that is the beauty of Italy, it teaches you patience. Especially considering everyone takes off the months of July and August and nothing really gets done.

So, keep checking back in. Eventually pictures, lovely musings, unnecessary rants and my general blogging self will return in full force.

In the meantime, wish Angie luck because she is stuck in Coverciano without anyway of getting to town. No buses for another week and no sitting for 2 more weeks. Yeah, send the patience vibes her way. Clear blue ocean, clear blue ocean . . .

4 responses to “The price you pay

  1. Poor poor Angie. Hope she has some good books and an easel nearby.

    Missing you terribly.

  2. Did you get Angie a copy of Harry Potter?

  3. sounds like you are settling into your new place, hope things are well. how’s italy? are you working on a novel yet? you should. how come you don’t put any poetry on your blog? you’re not intimidated by my poetry on myspace are you? lol. do you remember what you said you would do if i was published before you were? if not, i will remind you. take care, mark

  4. there is poetry there, just not good and you have to go back to last year. and yes, I’ve started writing. Still sucks though. no reminders needed, I’ll get out my paints and canvas.

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