Loving the burbs baby

So, even though I’m still moving, essentially my life is in the hands of Coverciano now. And I love it.

Silence, birds, dogs, no traffic.


Unfortunately still no Internet at home. So, this is a quickie to let you all know that soon you’ll have quiet early morning moments I’ll get to share with you.

Angie is much better. The surgery had a slight snag, nothing major. Most of the pain is gone and I suspect once your spinal chord readjusts to existence without disk pressure all will be well. I’ll send her your well wishes.

Oh, and I finally am going to pick up my copy of Harry Potter! Missed the movie though.

2 responses to “Loving the burbs baby

  1. I am so happy for you getting settled into a new place. Now you have the best of both worlds! So close to the citta’ yet so close to the campania. I know you are probably not thinking about such things in the dead of summer, but if you guys need down comforter, you know where mine is stored. Feel free to stay warm this fall. Did the package ever arrive? I have it insured! Baci!

  2. I’m still recovering from the weekend et al. Hopefully I will upload photos tonight. So where are yours???

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