Speed is what is going on this weekend. Tomorrow meet with the future landladies and hand over big chunks of cash. Saturday hopefully begin moving in because Sunday Angie goes in to the hospital because Monday she is (probably) getting her surgery.

Yep, that is what you call a busy weekend. It may work out that she doesn’t spend the night in the new place until she gets out of the hospital and that just doesn’t seem fair. But. she is ready to be done with the pain and yep, it’s all about speed. Once the Italian medical profession makes up its mind about something, then it seems to go into active mode.

So today I’m going to opt for some beauty and FINALLY go see Cézanne.

Oh, and a former student assistant of mine is in Uganda, Africa working on a documentary as part of a mission team. He decided to begin blogging about life there, so check it out via my blogroll. (hope he doesn’t mind the shout out . . . hmm, I could be invading some privacy here . . . nah, it’s tim, there is no way he would care.)

2 responses to “Velocità

  1. Yay for speed! . . . and beauty!

  2. WOW!!! Talk about quick! That is awesome!!!
    Give Angie hugs and well wishes for a speedy recovery from me before she goes to the hospital!
    And GO SEE Cezanne!!!!

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