Southern Accent

Last night I met one of mom and dad’s friends, Grace Marse, and her family for dinner. They commented how nice it was to hear a southern accent, but truly the pleasure was mine. This delightful group of women and a son-in-law treated me to dinner at a new discovery here, Trattoria Sostanza. Grace even tried the tripe. It didn’t look nearly as repulsive as I had fixed it in my mind, but I still had to decline a taste (the only thing I didn’t taste). The food was very nice and affordable. However, it is the first restaurant I have found here that didn’t serve coffee. Incredible. We were reading the comments of some of the restaurants famous clientele, (Jim Belushi agrees with me about the lack of coffee) and everyone was having a good time with Grace’s grand-daughter asked, “is that Sammy Hagar?” And yes, it was.

As he was leaving, Heidi stopped him and he was very pleasant and laid back. Let us know he likes to vacation in Italy (who doesn’t, right?) and once we stopped him, then the other tables began to ask him questions. Lucky for him it was a small restaurant. Anyway, it was a bizarre experience.

Naturally I didn’t say anything to him. I never do when meeting famous people. In truth, they (the famous ones) kind of freak me out. Being famous is a huge fear of mine (I know that sounds funny). I can’t imagine total strangers wanting to talk to me when I’m having dinner. That, and I really hate people looking at me. So, maybe because of that fear, I tend to just clam up and let them go. Do you think that is rude? I mean, do you think Sammy Hagar minds when someone just sits there and doesn’t say a word?

Regardless, it was lovely evening of food and southern accents. I then went and gave Angie a shot in the bum and headed home to watch the Flight of the Conchords on YouTube. Justin, of the Corduroy Ninja fame, has turned me onto the new HBO series and I’m rapidly becoming as fanatic as Mel. Hoping to have some fun and big news for you tomorrow or later today. If you have fingers, cross them for me!

4 responses to “Southern Accent

  1. Did Sammy Hagar have a southern accent? i can’t believe you didn’t at least try the tripe. I thought your Gastronomique had no bounds. I downloaded the 1st ep of FOTC but telephone calls prevented me from watching it yet. I feel so left out!

  2. I’m guessing Sammy liked you the most for leaving him alone. Although, some people thrive on the attention. I’m not sure how I’d handle being famous. I’d probably like the perks, but would appreciate the people who let me do my thing.

    Thanks for the shout out – also, was I right about FOTC or what?

  3. Ooh, ooh. I watched the first 4 FOTC eps over the last 2 nights & am hooked.

  4. When you write the next “great American/Italian Novel” you need to get accustomed to the fans, autograph seekers and photo ops. Cousin Tootie told me to tell you “the cameras loves you” after he viewed your pictures on the blog. So I think you need to get out of your shell. Remember when you met Otis Nixon (the Braves player) at the Jezebel party and you “froze”. Please don’t do that when Larry King interviews you!

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