Big Ambiguity

So, lots may be going on in my life soon . . . new place to live, traveling back home; but for now, nothing is definite so I will refrain from writing about it (which is why I’ve not written lately).

Since I last wrote, I attended a free concert in Piazza della Signoria by Zubin Mehta which was similar to being transcended into light (in spite of bad sound system and chatty crowds). And it was free. Lots of good dinners, not that I can afford them. And much laughter with friends. In short, it is working out to be a lovely, not too hot, summer here. But, there are things to do. Will update when I get it all done (and maybe some in between time).

2 responses to “Big Ambiguity

  1. Free concert, Laughter, Friends, Pleasant weather, Good Un-affordable Dinners!!
    Sounds life the perfect life to me. We just returned from driving Willa’s red convertible in the Seaside 4th of July parade. My nose is beet red. Will be in DeFuniak Springs parade at 5:00 this evening. At sundown we will watch fireworks at the lake. That is an OK way to spend a Florida Fourth. Many people cheered our “Walton County Democrat” banner on the car. A few “boos” but much different than a few years back. Lots of Peace symbols around the younger folks necks. Progress in the Panhandle!!!

  2. Tutti bene! Sounds like fun. And I bet you had bar-be-que and I didn’t. Oh well, next year.

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