Near Hafling

Here are some pictures of our trip to Avelengo (called Hafling in German which thrills my hobbit soul).

Dad’s Hike Avalengo 07guardian-of-the-church-luigi_avalengo_07.jpgluigijulia_avalengo07.jpgcloudstudy_avalengo07.jpgstcatherines_avalengo_07.jpgroad-to-merano_avalengo_07.jpg

It was referred to as “a welcoming embrace of green” on our train trip up there. And really that description fits better than anything. Mom and Dad were amazed at the number of apple orchards and we were constantly impressed by the clouds. Wish more of those pictures were taken. The dog in the picture with Luigi seemed to be guarding and greeting visitors at the St. Catherine’s church. He stopped to play with us and posed perfectly for me. Dad took some of these pictures on his hike up the hill (that he kept thinking would never end). And yes, mom caught me unexpectedly while I was wearing my new Buddy Holly glasses. At least it is good for a smile. (Just last night one of my friends asked me how the Big Bopper was doing.) Next time someone should go with me glasses shopping. More pictures later. Sorry some of them saved sideways, but I never could resolve the issue. Flip them at your own pace.

6 responses to “Near Hafling

  1. I love the glasses! What a beautiful woman in a beautiful place.

  2. you look happy

  3. I need a place to hide. Will you hide me for a while???

  4. Beautiful pics and I like the glasses! Very modern!
    Tell Luigi Hi!!!

  5. It was wonderful to look down at the clouds!. Thanks for not posting pictures of dad and myself. They involved glasses of wine, puffy eyes and swollen feet. No way to build a fan club. Love from a hillbilly mom that misses the mountains.

  6. I think Debora got the same glasses while she was in Venice – but hers have purple accents. You two are in synch . . .

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