Isn’t it Friday?

So far (and it is 1:37 pm my time) I’ve only had a caramelized biscuit to eat. Food is waiting for me somewhere but it will have to keep waiting. Meeting with two Realtors (why is Realtor capitalized?) today in search of a 2 bedroom apartment. Looks like Angie may stay after all and then we’ll be roomies.

And I look like I’ve been boiled due to the heat. Swear it isn’t the sun, it is the heat making me red.

But stuff to do, homes to find, plans to hatch.  Caramelized biscuits to eat. (If you haven’t had one, it is really a very yummy graham cracker. Find them and enjoy.)

Have a good weekend! I’ll let you know if we find anything.

4 responses to “Isn’t it Friday?

  1. Angie might stay? Hurrah. Happy hunting . . .


  2. Dear Snooty Ex-Pat,

    We call them crackers, not biscuits. You KNOW what a biscuit is. Your PA makes the best.

    Your brown-eyed Southern Girl

  3. Yes, but the package says biscuit. And you being such a stickler for details, I wouldn’t dare call them something other than the specified name. 🙂

  4. realtors try hard to be important – so they call themselves Realtors. Your biscuit actually sounds like a cookie to me – being caramelized and all. I prefer biscuits with sausage gravy. Like yo Mama, you never discovered the connection between your body and soul – take care of your body and it will set your soul free.

    Say hello to both the potential roomies.


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