So little morning

This is another night time post. Earlier today I took a nap, so naturally am awake now. And reflective.

Last year seemed all about the morning. I would rise, go to my library, open it for students and send you all some tidbit of my life here. Discovery of self, and place, and life. Now, on the other side of this city and in the p.m of things, everything is different. Work load, living situation, friends, life. I hate complacency but perhaps take that to the extreme. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m discovering other than strength and persistence. Love, yes. And that does make it beautiful.

So, here is a little bit of sound for now. Someone just broke some glass which is only distinguishable from the buzzing of scooters because of its intermittent quality. Summer nights in Santo Spirito are loud, raucous events. Music in the piazza, but then a constant stream of chatter on the street. Chatter is better than the fights. The fights tend to wake me in the wee hours. And they create in me a need to use profanity. My windows are open to help with the heat, so everything is unfiltered. Live, from Via delle Caldaie, it’s Wednesday night . . . if only laughter would always follow.

But at least there is a bit of cooling down in the night. It soothes the skin and mind. So, let the city awaken me when it needs to. I’ll find the gift it is offering later.

5 responses to “So little morning

  1. I agree Santo Spirito is an evening place. Our last night we stopped to listen to a musical group singing a Johnny Rivers song. The crowd was peaceful and laid back. Santa Croscie was more about museums, commerce and day travelers. But I loved your environs on both sides of the Arno. I even miss that constant buzz of the scooters. But I really miss you, when will you come home?

  2. Is the outdoor bar set up in the piazza this summer? I had a great mojito there last August. I could really use a kebab about now. Fights, late night chaos, and stuff to avoid on the street. Oh how I miss the love of my life! Sweet Italy!

  3. no airconditioning?! what’s wrong with those europeans?

  4. If you reach some insight on how to tap in to exactly what you’re feeling and how to make sense of it, clue me in.

  5. completely of topic. Side Show Bob has awesome hair.

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